Myth: a residential pressure washer (2600 psi at 2.5 gpm) sold at nearby retail lawn and garden centres cannot achieve the same results as commercial units. The problem is that these units are not designed for the rigor of household cleaning, but rather suited for isolated small projects, where the pressure from the garden hose is not sufficient to displace dirt, grime and a host of environmental contaminants. In fact, commercial pressure washing uses low pressure- high volume for a wide variety of cleaning using cold and hot water where applicable. Our commercial system accommodates both cold and hot water applications.

Pressure washing is intended to restore the beauty of your investment by removing airborne contaminants and eradicating harmful fungi such as mold, which presents a very serious health risk, if left untreated. The cleaning process takes place by using a high volume low pressure washing process. Environmentally friendly chemicals are used only when needed to liberate the contaminants from the surface.

All homes are affected by the presence of mold both inside and out. Mold alone according to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is known to “…adversely affect human health through three processes: allergy, infection and toxicity”. The growth of mold begins on the outside of your home and thrives mostly, especially under humid conditions. Anyone who suffers from allergies whether young or old, will greatly benefit from eradicating mold especially around doorways or entrances to your home.

Cleaning the exterior of your home will ensure that these harmful contaminants will not spread and ultimately, enter your home. A clean home will also add to your curb appeal and enhance your property value. As a homeowner, you should consider cleaning your home from top to bottom. When detailed professionally, your house is certain to be the “talk of the neighborhood”. Think of pressure washing as preventative maintenance to preserve and extend the life of your house.

Take a look at your roof. Let’s face it, replacing a roof is very costly. So why wait for failure because of neglect. It is estimated that 40% of your house’s curb appeal is attributed to its roof. Most homeowners will wash their cars from top to bottom because the entire surface is accessible and they tend do a reasonably good job. Unfortunately, access to all surfaces to a house is not always easy. Hence, detailing a house requires specialized skills, tools and equipment to reach and clean these areas.

Planning on selling your house? It has been my experience that realtors stress the importance of “curb appeal” in drawing potential buyers into your house for a viewing and a possible offer. Therefore, why not invest in a detailed pressure wash job? Remember, you have only one chance to impress a potential buyer. It is amazing how many homeowners will paint and renovate, yet spend very little time on exterior detailing. Imagine what a potential buyer will think when they see highly visible black streaks (growth of algae) along your stained roof, and mildew/mold along your gutters and soffits. It may not be long before they start making demands for a roof replacement. This is only the start to negotiating a lower asking price. Once one problem has been identified, buyers may be more inclined to search for other potential deficiencies with the property.

Decks, fences and any other wood structures are also susceptible to the growth of mold and algae. The only cure is to restore the wood to its original form and then seal it for maximum protection from these outdoor elements. Again, taking these necessary steps will help to add years of lasting beautification to your property.

Patios, driveways and all pathways on your property should not be overlooked. Often these surfaces are darkened by dirt, oil, algae and the presence of iron. Surface cleaning will restore the color and finish to its almost original finish. Of course, through the aging process, all surfaces will wear and it may not be possible to completely restore them. However, Middle Georgia Pressure Washing Services will strive to achieve the best results possible.