Q: Will the pressure from your machine blow off my vinyl siding or cause my windows to leak?

A: No, not at all. Vinyl siding requires minimal pressure for this very reason, while other surfaces such as concrete uses a lot more. In fact, very little pressure is applied during the washing and rinsing process. We regulate the pressure for every surface that is being cleaned. As a rule of thumb, we do not apply much water pressure or volume around windows or doors. Many factors such as age, type of construction and method of installation can contribute to leakage around these areas, which we have no control over. Our company representative will examine your property and provide an in-depth analysis and discuss both cleaning strategies and processes.

Q: Will your chemicals damage my plants and surrounding vegetation?

A: No, not at all. As trained professionals, we strive to not disturb any plants, décor or other personal outdoor effects. Plants and surrounding vegetation go through pre, in-between and post rinsing cycles. Before any chemical is applied, we will completely rinse all vegetation within 6-8 feet of the property. After the application of chemicals, we will rinse again. A thorough rinsing follows as the property goes through its final rinse.

Q: Why won't the chemicals from retail stores work at removing stubborn oil stains?

A: We use professional grade chemicals, which are environmentally friendly to treat stubborn stains. A skilled professional knows, which chemical to use, how best to adjust the mixing ratio and finally how to safely apply it to achieve the best cleaning outcome. We always perform spot testing before committing to using a chemical, which may or may not produce desirable results. The retail store brand cleaners will SIMPLY not produce the same results. Our commercial grade cleaners together with hot water application will remove most oil stains from driveways. Unfortunately, a dull stain residue will remain due to the porous nature of concrete. Property owners who rely on the use of "bleach" to clean concrete are running the risk of removing the top coat, which is sometimes referred to as the "cream". Chlorine when mixed with water forms HCL (hydrochloric acid).

Q: When will I need to clean my property again?

A: Hopefully not for a while, unfortunately, in the south we are constantly fighting humid conditions, where both mold and mildew thrive. We offer annual scheduled cleaning to prevent build-up of mold and mildew, which over time will damage the finish of your property, if left untreated. The cost of a scheduled maintenance program is far less when compared to an in-depth cleaning process. Property owners should focus on build-up found on the north face of the property and maintain clean gutters. Let our professionally trained staff help preserve and beautify your investment.

Q: Why can't you give me a quote over the phone? Others do.

A: It is difficult to assess the full impact of what is needed to properly clean a property without visual inspection. One homeowner described the need to remove concrete splatters from the brick surface, which in itself is a challenge. Upon a visual inspection, the concrete splatters turned out to be loose mortar chunks and smears. I discussed the appropriate cleaning strategy and process with the property owner. Anyone who provides an estimate over the phone is simply trying to lure you into hiring them at a bargain price with false promises. Unfortunately, this practice happens all too often. Hiring a professional means the difference between a pleasant versus a potentially disastrous experience.

Q: Can you match another quote?

A: This is a fair question. We provide a written quote, which accurately and fairly represents the scope of the work involved in a true business setting. We are very competitive in our pricing. Our dedication and goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction. Our company is not a fly by night operation as you often see in this type of industry. We adhere to the highest level of professionalism and quality. We do not compete on the basis of price alone as this diminishes our credibility. It is unfortunate but some property owners are driven by the lowest price trap. Quite often, my customers tell me about their unpleasant past pressure washing experience. They confessed to hiring individuals based on price alone and were not happy with the finished product. Individuals offer low cost quotes knowing fully well that this will get them the job. Ask them about the chemicals used, insurance, license, cleaning process, and how long the job will take, etc.

Questions to ask when hiring a pressure washer

Are you licensed?

It is unlawful to engage in a business transaction (i.e. rendering payment for a service) with an unlicensed individual(s). Individuals who claim to have a business must possess a current business license. There are many in other industries such as landscaping and construction who operate a business without a license. Some will tell you that a business license is NOT required to pressure wash a house. This statement is FALSE. Each county has specific guidelines under which an individual can operate a business. Such guidelines are intended to safeguard property owners from unscrupulous individual practices. Be sure to ask your potential pressure washing company to produce a copy of their business license and then check with the county to see if they are in good standing.

Are you insured?

Insurability is critical for all businesses. It is important that you choose a pressure washing company that has adequate coverage before you allow them on your property. Most property owners are not aware of the risks when hiring a subcontractor until it is too late. Our insurance company will provide any property owner with proof of insurability upon request.

You should ask them to produce documents detailing:

  1. General Liability Insurance must include added coverage for "CARE, CUSTODY and CONTROL". General liability insurance coverage is limited to damages unrelated to what is being worked on such as damages to vegetation from chemical overspray. Care, Custody and Control provides coverage for any damages specific to what is being worked on such as furring wood as a result of improper cleaning techniques.
  2. Workers Compensation Insurance protects the property owner from paying out for any injuries sustained while performing the contracted work. Uneven landscape, tree roots and other obstacles on a property present challenges when pressure washing.

Do you have any certifications?

Most pressure washers will have varying levels of expertise. We are certified specialist in wood restoration. Homes in the southern region receive intense exposure to sunlight, which is a leading cause of premature aging and damage to most wood finishes. We can help you not only with the restoration process, but also provide commercial stains designed to deeply penetrate and protect your wood surfaces. A yearly maintenance program is highly recommended to property owners once the initial restoration process is completed. The restoration process can be both time consuming and costly depending on the wood surface detail. The restoration process is very involved. Be sure to ask about specific chemicals, method of application and an overall description of the process. Only a certified wood specialist will be able to provide this level of detail.

Ask the company if they have a website, which displays their company information and services.

A website is a non-intrusive medium where potential property owners can contact you, view testimonials and observe the type of work performed. Most individuals in the pressure washing industry will not commit any investment to a website. Our professionally designed website offers before and after pictures of the work we have performed. On our website, we provide our customers with a contact form as another means of reaching us. Our on-line Testimonials offer a glimpse of what our satisfied customers say about our work. Of course, we are more than happy to provide references upon request.